Meet Our Team

Here you will meet the people of NWP&H, highlighting what they each contribute to make us your #1 choice for plumbing and heating in the Boston area. Narrow Way Plumbing & Heating has been a successful business for over 25 years.

Let us introduce you to our loyal and experienced team:

Matt Nelson

Owner and Master Plumber

Matt started our company in 1984. He oversees the day to day operation of the company; however, he much prefers the hands-on work and customer contact he gets in the field. He has a knack for solving issues with older homes and loves to problem solve.    He enjoys finding reasonably priced solutions for all his customers.

Shantee Bender

Service Dispatcher

Shantee is the first person you meet when you call NWPH.  She is our Service Dispatcher taking your calls and managing jobs from dispatching through to billing.  She is a people person and values clear communication.  She is quick to pick up the ins and outs of plumbing materials and troubleshooting.  She brings, a much needed, high level of organization to a busy office, especially in heating season.  She expertly multitasks and enjoys developing relationships with customers via phone.

Jose Cuevas


Jose came to NWPH from Madison Park High School as a graduating senior in their technical program. He has experience with plumbing both rough and finish work; faucet installation and repair; detective work in finding leaks; snaking drains; boiler installation, troubleshooting and servicing; as well as some electrical. He specializes in both plumbing and heating work. He is very organized with a well stocked truck always clean and ready for the next job. He prides himself in working carefully and keeping a neat work place. His favorite work is boiler installation and troubleshooting. Jose is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Steve Girault


Steve was raised in the plumbing world as his father is a master plumber. He specializes in service work. Boston raised by Haitian parents, he attended school in Boston and that helps him work with our diverse client base. His favorite aspect of plumbing work is the satisfaction of solving a problem for a customer and experiencing their appreciation and relief in a difficult situation. His favorite type of job is installing water heaters. He also has many stories of difficult jobs, we can laugh about in hindsight.  He enjoys watching Liverpool, Bruins and the Patriots. His most important role is being a father to his daughter. His favorite way to spend time is with his daughter, reading comics or watching movies.

Mike Winton

Inventory and Transport

Mike’s main role is driver and materials management. He also supports our service work team. He is a good communicator and is always learning new techniques and skills. He loves to work with his hands and create new things. He brings muscle and mind to every job and takes pride in his work. Mike is always concerned that the customer gets the best experience. Integrity and honesty is very important to him.

Elkan Nelson


Elkan has 6 years of full time tech experience in plumbing and heating in Pennsylvania.  He recently returned to Boston with his wife, Kate.  He grew up working as a helper with his Dad, so his experience actually extends to childhood.  He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Messiah College in PA.  He enjoys trouble-shooting heating systems.  He loves to travel and enjoys nature.  He has made several round trips across the US. He is a swing dancer and taught swing dance classes in college.