Oil Systems

We much prefer gas than oil heating systems but we do service them if you are without heat. We encourage all of our customers who have an oil system to seriously look into getting a more economical, cost effective, and environmentally friendly natural gas system or other type of heating system. If you do have an oil boiler read through the high efficiency section as well as the heating section. Oil is no longer an economical fuel compared with the high efficiency gas boilers and is increasingly disappearing in Boston. If you have an oil system give us a call.

Fixture Installation

We install any and all types of plumbing fixtures both residential and commercial. Our staff is very experienced with either rebuilding or repairing old fixtures, and replacing fixtures of all types. Many of the houses we work on in Boston are very old and have antique fixtures in them. We work with the customer to restore the existing fixture or find a compatible modern replacement.

We prefer to provide the plumbing fixtures and materials since we only install brands which have been tested and are durable, quality products that we trust. When we buy the fixtures, not only is our plumbing work guaranteed, but if the material installed is faulty do to poor construction or installation we will replace it at no cost to the customer for up to a year after the work in completed. If the customer desires to provide the plumbing fixtures, we will install it as long as it is a product which will function properly and is safe; however, we will not guarentee fixtures purchased by the customer.

Low Sudsing Laundry Detergents

“James from your company came and solved our immediate problem with an overflow yesterday” (due to a clogged washing machine waste line) “and mentioned that someone at Narrow Way might be able to recommend a low sudsing laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid that might alleviate some of the stress on our outflow pipe capacity. Can you send me some recommendations?”
Condo Association (via email)

Answer: As far as low sudsing detergents it is best to use any kind of liquid detergent rather then powder to keep solids from forming in the discharge pipe or any waste lines. Gain as well as many other main companies provide a standard type of low suds soaps (for both washing machines and dish washers) which is always a good thing to use (just look on the label and make sure it says “low suds”). However more then likely it is not the type of detergent being used but the quantity. People are probably using to much thinking it will make their cloths cleaner, instead the large volume or powdered detergent is clogging up the waste pipe and building up along the inside of the pipe, causing the overflow.
– Micah Nelson (via email) NWP&H Dispatcher

Leaks / Drips

Leaks can come from many different sources–drain lines, water lines, heating pipes, gas lines, vent pipes or drips from condensate, just to name a few. We locate them all. Call us if you have a stain, puddle, or wet spot. If you can’t locate the problem, we will.

In some of the older houses around Boston, we often find leaks coming from old cracked grout lines, loose tiles, or missing grout in the bathroom floor or shower surround. Fifty percent of tub leaks are from water getting through cracks in the grout. If you have a leak around the tub, we highly recommend that before calling us that you fill the tub with water and let it drain. If it begins to leak, then you have a plumbing leak. If there’s no leak, try the following:
-check the bathroom’s tile and grouting
-check water marks on the floor at the tub to floor intersection
-spray the walls to see if a leak through the tile is causing the drip or stain and not the actual plumbing

If the tile is causing the drip or stain, get the tiles re-grouted, or seal the cracks.

Clogged Drains

All plumbing fixtures and drains can become clogged and we have experience clearing them all. We will clear all drains (tubs, sinks, shower stalls, toilets, kitchen sinks, floor drains) and any other plumbing fixtures. Clogs or slow drains will become more severe if not dealt with quickly. So don.t delay, get it cleared today!



 Sometimes it is necessary to examine the inside of the pipe with a camera.  Bellow are 2 videos of a main drain from the foundation of the house to the sewer in the street.  These videos demonstrate the before and after of a problem in a 6″ clay pipe.