The Johnny Footpad

Sanitary Solution which Simplifies Toilet Replacement and Saves Flooring

The Johnny Footpad is an adjustable toilet base trim plate positioned between the toilet and the floor providing an attractive and level covering over discrepancies in the flooring surface.

This product solves an increasing problem among conservation companies and plumbers who are retrofitting old high water volume toilets with new low flow water saver models. When the bathroom flooring material is installed around the toilet base, a “footprint” of the old toilet remains when the toilet is removed. The Johnny Footpad adjusts to fit over the various “footprints” creating an attractive floor trim and level mounting surface.

The design of the Johnny Footpad allows it to expand to cover any size toilet footprint.

The footpad can also be used to cover discoloration, uric acid ring and missing or cracked flooring material.

The Johnny Footpad is fabricated in two pieces that overlap in the center. The center area is precut to allow the toilet flange to protrude through the trim plate. Molded concentric cutting rings provide for any additional adjusting. This adjustable flange opening feature allows for variable positioning of the Johnny Footpad concealing the old toilet footprint completely, beautifully and permanently.

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Key Benefits:

Improves Sanitation and appearance around toilet
Covers all toilet footprints
Increases toilet sales
Alternative to floor replacement


  1. Remove old toilet. Scrape any irregularities to level around footprint. If the depression of footprint is 1/4 inch or greater, use floor leveler to even off the depression of the footprint.
  2. Temporarily place the new toilet in its final position. Mark flooring at the front and rear of the new toilet base. Set toilet aside.
  3. See marks A and B on the underside of the Johnny Footpad. Select the part that is most like the front base of the new toilet. Use it as the front footpad.
  4. Place pieces on the floor letter sides down with the tabs of part A on TOP of the tabs of part B . Adjust the pieces so the outside edges of the footpad cover the old toilet footprint completely and also extends at least 1/2 inch beyond the markings made on the floor from Step 2.
  5. Trim (if necessary) around the drain to allow the toilet flange to protrude. Select the appropriate guide line on the bottom of the Johnny Footpad. Run a light bead of caulk around the bottom edge of footpad before placing it in it’s final position.
  6. Bolt the new toilet into place. Seal adjustment gaps with caulking (see fig. 4).