Leaks / Drips

Leaks can come from many different sources–drain lines, water lines, heating pipes, gas lines, vent pipes or drips from condensate, just to name a few. We locate them all. Call us if you have a stain, puddle, or wet spot. If you can’t locate the problem, we will.

In some of the older houses around Boston, we often find leaks coming from old cracked grout lines, loose tiles, or missing grout in the bathroom floor or shower surround. Fifty percent of tub leaks are from water getting through cracks in the grout. If you have a leak around the tub, we highly recommend that before calling us that you fill the tub with water and let it drain. If it begins to leak, then you have a plumbing leak. If there’s no leak, try the following:
-check the bathroom’s tile and grouting
-check water marks on the floor at the tub to floor intersection
-spray the walls to see if a leak through the tile is causing the drip or stain and not the actual plumbing

If the tile is causing the drip or stain, get the tiles re-grouted, or seal the cracks.

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